Optional Features in SQL-2003

The following table lists all the optional features in SQL-2003 and whether they can be validated or not.

The Mimer SQL Validator can validate almost all SQL features, but sometimes information about a feature can only be determined by having access to an existing database.

Feature IDFeature NameValidated
B031Basic dynamic SQLYes
B032Extended dynamic SQLYes
B033Untyped SQL-invoked function argumentsYes
B034Dynamic specification of cursor attributesYes
B041Extensions to embedded SQL exception declarationsYes
B051Enhanced execution rightsYes
F032CASCADE drop behaviorYes
F033ALTER TABLE statement: DROP COLUMN clauseYes
F034Extended REVOKE statementYes
F052Intervals and datetime arithmeticYes
F053OVERLAPS predicateYes
F111Isolation levels other than SERIALIZABLEYes
F121Basic diagnostics managementYes
F171Multiple schemas per userYes
F191Referential delete actionsYes
F222INSERT statement: DEFAULT VALUES clauseYes
F231Privilege tablesNo (Catalog Lookup)
F251Domain supportYes
F262Extended CASE expressionYes
F271Compound character literalsYes
F281LIKE enhancementsYes
F291UNIQUE predicateYes
F301CORRESPONDING in query expressionsYes
F302INTERSECT table operatorYes
F304EXCEPT ALL table operatorYes
F312MERGE statementYes
F321User authorizationYes
F341Usage tablesNo (Catalog Lookup)
F361Subprogram supportNo (Embedded SQL)
F381Extended schema manipulationYes
F391Long identifiersYes
F392Unicode escapes in identifiersYes
F393Unicode escapes in literalsYes
F401Extended joined tableYes
F402Named column joins for LOBs, arrays, and multisetsNo (Catalog Lookup)
F411Time zone specificationYes
F421National characterYes
F431Read-only scrollable cursorsYes
F441Extended set function supportYes
F442Mixed column references in set functionsNo (Catalog Lookup)
F451Character set definitionYes
F461Named character setsYes
F491Constraint managementYes
F502Enhanced documentation tablesNo (Catalog Lookup)
F531Temporary tablesYes
F555Enhanced seconds precisionYes
F561Full value expressionsYes
F571Truth value testsYes
F591Derived tablesYes
F611Indicator data typesNo (Catalog Lookup)
F641Row and table constructorsYes
F651Catalog name qualifiersYes
F661Simple tablesYes
F671Subqueries in CHECKYes
F672Retrospective check constraintsYes
F691Collation and translationYes
F692Enhanced collation supportYes
F693SQL-session and client module collationsYes
F701Referential update actionsYes
F711ALTER domainYes
F721Deferrable constraintsYes
F731INSERT column privilegesYes
F741Referential MATCH typesYes
F751View CHECK enhancementsYes
F761Session managementYes
F771Connection managementYes
F781Self-referencing operationsYes
F791Insensitive cursorsYes
F801Full set functionYes
F813Extended flaggingNo (Catalog Lookup)
F821Local table referencesYes
F831Full cursor updateYes
S023Basic structured typesYes
S024Enhanced structured typesYes
S025Final structured typesYes
S026Self-referencing structured typesYes
S027Create method by specific method nameYes
S028Permutable UDT options listYes
S041Basic reference typesYes
S043Enhanced reference typesYes
S051Create table of typeYes
S071SQL paths in function and type name resolutionYes
S091Basic array supportYes
S092Arrays of user-defined typesYes
S094Arrays of reference typesYes
S095Array constructors by queryYes
S096Optional array boundsYes
S097Array element assignmentYes
S111ONLY in query expressionsYes
S151Type predicateYes
S161Subtype treatmentYes
S162Subtype treatment for referencesYes
S201SQL-invoked routines on arraysNo (Catalog Lookup)
S202SQL-invoked routines on multisetsNo (Catalog Lookup)
S211User-defined cast functionsYes
S231Structured type locatorsYes
S232Array locatorsYes
S233Multiset locatorsYes
S241Transform functionsYes
S242Alter transform statementYes
S251User-defined orderingsYes
S261Specific type methodYes
S271Basic multiset supportYes
S272Multisets of user-defined typesYes
S274Multisets of reference typesYes
S275Advanced multiset supportYes
S281Nested collection typesYes
T011Timestamp in Information SchemaNo (Catalog Lookup)
T031BOOLEAN data typeYes
T041Basic LOB data type supportYes
T042Extended LOB data type supportNo (Catalog Lookup)
T051Row typesYes
T052MAX and MIN for row typesNo (Catalog Lookup)
T053Explicit aliases for all fields referenceYes
T061UCS supportYes
T071BIGINT data typeYes
T111Updatable joins, unions, and columnsNo (Catalog Lookup)
T121WITH (excluding RECURSIVE) in query expressionYes
T131Recursive queryYes
T141SIMILAR predicateYes
T151DISTINCT predicateYes
T171LIKE clause in table definitionYes
T172AS subquery clause in table definitionYes
T173Extended LIKE clause in table definitionYes
T174Identity columnsYes
T175Generated columnsYes
T176Sequence generator supportYes
T191Referential action RESTRICTYes
T201Comparable data types for referential constraintsNo (Catalog Lookup)
T211Basic trigger capabilityYes
T212Enhanced trigger capabilityYes
T231Sensitive cursorsYes
T242Optional transaction modes in START TRANSACTIONYes
T251SET TRANSACTION statement: LOCAL optionYes
T261Chained transactionsYes
T272Enhanced savepoint managementYes
T281SELECT privilege with column granularityYes
T301Functional dependenciesYes
T312OVERLAY functionYes
T322Overloading of SQL-invoked functions and proceduresNo (Catalog Lookup)
T323Explicit security for external routinesYes
T324Explicit security for SQL routinesYes
T325Qualified SQL parameter referencesNo (Catalog Lookup)
T326Table functionsYes
T331Basic rolesYes
T332Extended rolesYes
T351Bracketed SQL comments (/*...*/ comments)Yes
T431Extended grouping capabilitiesYes
T432Nested and concatenated GROUPING SETSYes
T433Multiargument GROUPING functionYes
T441ABS and MOD functionsNo (Catalog Lookup)
T461Symmetric BETWEEN predicateYes
T471Result sets return valueYes
T491LATERAL derived tableYes
T501Enhanced EXISTS predicateYes
T511Transaction countsYes
T551Optional key words for default syntaxYes
T561Holdable locatorsYes
T571Array-returning external SQL-invoked functionsNo (Catalog Lookup)
T572Multiset-returning external SQL-invoked functionsNo (Catalog Lookup)
T581Regular expression substring functionYes
T591UNIQUE constraints of possibly null columnsNo
T601Local cursor referencesYes
T611Elementary OLAP operationsYes
T612Advanced OLAP operationsYes
T621Enhanced numeric functionsYes
T631IN predicate with one list elementYes
T641Multiple column assignmentYes
T651SQL-schema statements in SQL routinesYes
T652SQL-dynamic statements in SQL routinesYes
P001Stored modulesYes
P002Computational completenessYes
P003Information Schema viewsNo (Catalog Lookup)
P004Extended CASE statementYes
P005Qualified SQL variable referencesNo (Catalog Lookup)
P006Multiple assignmentYes
P007Enhanced diagnostics managementYes
V001Mimer SQL extensionYes


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