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Mimer SQL on Many Platforms
Category: Database features

The Mimer SQL product covers database management technologies from embedded systems to enterprise servers. Your database can reside in the server room, on the desktop or on the mobile device.

The Mimer SQL product has the unique characteristic that it is the same product that runs on all the platforms. For resource constrained environments, functionality that is not needed can be removed to save space without loosing capacity.


The Mimer SQL relational database management system (RDBMS) is available for all the major operating systems. The following shows some of the platforms currently supported:
  • AIX
  • Android
  • Linux
  • OpenVMS
  • Solaris
  • Windows
  • Windows Mobile
  • MacOSX

For an updated list covering products and platforms, please refer to the Platforms tab.

The Mimer SQL product contains both a client and a server part on each platform listed. Client/server support is built into Mimer SQL and the functionality is always fully included in the distribution packages. The network protocol used is platform independent.

Note! If you have questions about Mimer SQL on a certain platform or, if you see potential in having Mimer SQL available on another platform, please contact Mimer SQL sales.

Using the builtin portability, you can develop your application with the Mimer SQL database on your laptop, and then just simply move the database and/or application to a large enterprise server, and it works in exactly the same way.

Flexible solutions can be created using resources based upon various platforms.


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Last updated: 2013-02-27


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Powered by Mimer SQL