Mimer Provider Manager  

Introducing the Mimer Provider Manager

The Mimer Provider Manager allows an application to transparently access ADO.NET providers. The application is isolated from the specifics of different providers. It allows an identical application to access several underlying ADO.NET providers with no or minimal changes to the application.

The benefits of this architecture are the following:

The interfaces supported are the standard interfaces for accessing ADO.NET providers. This means that applications that use the Mimer Provider Manager by default does not use ADO.NET provider specific features. However, the architecture allows the applications to also access provider specific features. This is done in a manner that makes it clear that this is happening. So, for example, an application may consist of 98% provider independent code and 2% provider specific. When using the Mimer Provider Manager the 2% are easily identifiable.

The current version of the Provider Manager supports the following underlying providers:

In time, more providers will be supported.

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