Mimer SQL overview

The Mimer SQL Product Family

Allow us to introduce you to the Mimer SQL family. Mimer SQL, Mimer SQL Mobile, Mimer SQL Embedded and Mimer SQL Realtime are all products based on the same stable database kernel, but each one customized to fit perfectly into various environments where a superb database engine is desirable.

Mimer SQL

24x7 operation, online-backup, immediate restart, automatic reorganization, BLOBs/CLOBs/NCLOBs, distributed transactions (XA, MS DTC), Unicode, Collations, J2EE support -- you name it, we got it. And you can get it too - download free test and development versions from our Download Central. Want to read more about the enterprise features? See the article Mimer SQL Engine 9 Highlights.

Mimer SQL Mobile

With the Mimer SQL Mobile concept, a complete and full-featured RDBMS is provided for mobile phones, PDAs and basically anything that moves. All functionality is there! You want multi-user functionality on your device, you want client/server access, you want multi-lingual support, you want all that powerful database functionality. Give it a try - look into all possibilities that open up when your phone becomes a database server. Read about all the good stuff in the article Mimer SQL Mobile Highlights.

Mimer SQL Embedded

A unique embedded solution, tailor-made to fit your hardware/OS configuration and your applications. As we don't know what you need, we haven't done it yet, but put us to the test. And if you want a taste of what we have to offer, download a suitable Mimer SQL product from our Download Central and take it for a drive - Mimer SQL is always free for development and evaluation.

Mimer SQL Realtime

A real-time extension to the Mimer SQL embedded solution makes it possible to model both hard real-time and non real-time data in one single database. Data can safely be shared between these two worlds without any need for data redundancy and homemade data storage solutions. The product is based on a research project at the Mälardalen Real-Time Research Centre with input from automotive, process automation and telecommunication industries. For further technical details, read the article Mimer SQL Realtime Edition.


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