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Mimer SQL provides small footprint, scalable and robust relational database solutions that conform to international ISO SQL standards. It is very well suited for high performance mission critical systems as well as for mobile and embedded solutions. Mimer SQL supports the ODBC, JDBC, ESQL, ADO and ADO.NET database APIs and runs on all major operating systems including Windows, UNIX, Linux, Mac OS X, Android, Windows Mobile and OpenVMS. In addition various embedded platforms are available.


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Mimer SQL Mobile - Highlights
Mimer SQL Mobile is a small footprint database that makes it possible to deploy full-fledged DBMS applications on hand-held devices, mobile phones ...


Using Dynamic SQL with Mimer SQL
This article is a short introduction to dynamic SQL and how to use it when developing applications that connects to Mimer SQL.

For more ...


JDBC is the de-facto standard for accessing relational database systems from the Java programming language. It defines a framework that provides a ...


Here's what is new on the site:
Mimer SQL 11 is out there!

HCarlight.jpg 2017-09-26 -- A beta test version of Mimer SQL 11 is now available for the OpenVMS operating system. This Mimer SQL product is based on the new SQL compiler featuring a rich SQL language support and many new optimization techniques that makes it very fast and efficient. Download Mimer SQL 11 for OpenVMS from our download page. Try it out and please bring us any feedback you have.

Mimer SQL 11 Documentation

VSweden.jpg 2017-09-23 -- Mimer SQL version 11 is coming soon, and as a starter the documentation can now be found at our documentation page. The first one to be available is the extensive Mimer SQL Documentation Set, that includes the Reference Manual, the User's Guide, the Programmer's Guide, and the System Management Handbook. In addition, the Mimer SQL OpenVMS Guide is present.

Updated collation charts

HConcert.jpg 2017-04-26 -- We are pleased to announce that all our Collation Charts now are updated to include the Unicode 9.0 standard. In addition, we are using the Noto font package with automatic display for an even better ease of use.

Mimer SQL 10.1 4 for Linux

HShoe.jpg 2017-04-03 -- Mimer SQL 10.1.4 for Linux is now available at our download page. This is a maintenance version with various corrections and several performance adjustments. Please see the Mimer SQL Release Notes delivered with the product for details. In addition, please note that the 10.1.4 versions for Windows and OpenVMS also have been updated recently.


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