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WSQL - A Graphical Interface Using ODBC and Visual Basic
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WSQL is a popular SQL tool that can be used to access Mimer SQL databases. Originally, it was a demo program used to show how to access Mimer SQL with ODBC.

WSQL is a graphical user interface (GUI) for Mimer SQL databases. It enables you to access the database with SQL. Although the interface is SQL, WSQL enables you to do many things without writing any SQL. For example, you can open a window displaying all tables, double-click on a table and WSQL will generate a SELECT statement for that table, put the statement in the command window and execute it. There are also "graphical" ways of performing UPDATE/DELETE/INSERT on the database.

WSQL also contains an environment for developing PSM (stored procedures).

Designed, used and developed by Mimer SQL support people, this program contains many functions that a database administrator or application developer may need. "Normal" end-users can also easily use some of the functionality.


WSQL works by calling ODBC functions directly from Visual Basic. The source code contains a module where all ODBC-2 (and some ODBC-3) functions are defined as external DLLs. The program code (database access part) looks very much like it would in any language calling ODBC directly.

Note! As a demo program WSQL is far too big. Most of the code has to do with the visual part of the application - the database part is a minor part of the program.


WSQL is a Windows application that will work with all versions of Mimer SQL (from version 7). Please note that if you have a 7.1 database server you must use a Mimer SQL client of version 8.1, or earlier.

In order to examine/modify the source code, you need Visual Basic. The version used is VB6 but it should work with VB4 and VB5 (maybe with some small modifications).

WSQL does not contain a Mimer ODBC client. In order to use one, you must have a Mimer SQL client installed on your machine.


You'll find the latest version of WSQL under "Unsupported Tools" on the download page.

If you would like the source code you can e-mail


If you are planning to use ODBC to access Mimer SQL, you can see how to do this in this (rather large) example. Mail for the WSQL source code.

If you are going to do anything with a Mimer SQL database, WSQL is a good graphical interface for accessing and using Mimer SQL databases.

If you are going to write PSM procedures you should try WSQL.


The ODBC Interface description.

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