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Mimer SQL provides small footprint, scalable and robust relational database solutions that conform to international ISO SQL standards. It is very well suited for high performance mission critical systems as well as for mobile and embedded solutions. Mimer SQL supports the ODBC, JDBC, ESQL, ADO and ADO.NET database APIs and runs on all major operating systems including Windows, UNIX, Linux, Mac OS X, Android, Windows Mobile and OpenVMS. In addition various embedded platforms are available.


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INSTEAD OF triggers provide a method of modifying views that are not updateable using ordinary insert, update and delete statements. INSTEAD OF ...


Use Mimer JDBC and Fetch Sizes
In most database systems, the network is a major performance bottleneck. Each time a client calls the server to perform some work, it waits for the ...


Embedded SQL in C
Embedded SQL means that you can use SQL statements through a host programming language, for example, C/C++. C/C++ is used as an example in this ...


Here's what is new on the site:
Mimer SQL 10.1 for Mac OS X

VWinter.jpg 2015-02-25 -- Mimer SQL 10.1 is now available for Mac OS X Yosemite in a Beta test version. It includes the new SQL compiler with a rich SQL language support and many new optimization techniques that makes it extremely fast and efficient. This compiler is used when selecting the Mimer SQL Experience database server, which is the default when creating a new system. Welcome to download Mimer SQL 10.1.3 for Mac OS X from our download page, and feel free to send us your feedback. See the article Using Mimer SQL with the Mac OS X Core Data Framework to get an example on how to work with Mimer SQL in the Apple's Xcode IDE.

Mimer SQL version 10.1.3 is now released

VTree.jpg 2014-10-02 -- New production versions for Windows, Linux and OpenVMS are now available. Besides some maintenance updates, this 10.1.3 version contains various new and upgraded features. An example is that deferred foreign key constraints now are supported, meaning that constraints are checked when the transaction is committed, rather then when the statement was executed. Other news are that the SQL support has been extended with additional referential actions such as ON UPDATE SET NULL, ON UPDATE SET DEFAULT, ON UPDATE RESTRICT and ON DELETE RESTRICT. The Mimer SQL Experience database server has new functionality and some outstanding performance optimizations. Among the new features, the support of the WITH and VALUES clauses can be mentioned. In addition, a new version of DbVisualizer is bundled with this Mimer SQL package. You are very welcome to download Mimer SQL 10.1.3 from our Downloads page. As always, it includes a free test and development license.

New article about Mac OSX Core Data and Mimer SQL

HBees 2014-04-03 -- Using the Mac OS X Core Data framework for application development is very powerful. The article Using Mimer SQL with the Mac OS X Core Data Framework describes how to do this by using a prepared example application. Some technical background information is given and then the example application is fired up. Finally the article describes how to create the application from scratch. Enjoy!

Mimer SQL 10.1 now released

VBacklight.jpg 2013-11-04 -- We are very pleased to announce that Mimer SQL 10.1 is now released for the Windows and Linux platforms. This milestone version includes a brand new SQL compiler as part of the new database server Mimer SQL Experience. It features a rich SQL language support and many new optimization techniques that makes it very fast and efficient. The new SQL compiler and the traditional one have been developed in parallel. They both use the same execution engine and database kernel, which means that databases created with one server type may be used with the other. In other words, it is possible to try applications with the new server simply by changing server type. Please see the article News in Mimer SQL version 10.1 for a news summary. Welcome to download Mimer SQL 10.1.1 from our download page. As always, it includes a free test and development license.


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